Scope of Bar Tending as a Career in India

Bar tending as a career falls under the food and beverage department of hospitality industry. It is indeed a glamourous job and has no dearth of admirers.


The career options are immense: from starting as a bartender in resorts, hotels, pubs, restro-bars or nightclubs, one can reach to the level of a bar manager or corporate bar manager for a chain of hotels.

One can also indulge in freelance bartending where one is not hired by a particular hotel, bar, nightclub etc, but private parties where the income earning is high but not steady at the same time. One can also collaborate with an event management company on a sharing ratio. Bar tending gets as glamorous as working in a cruise ship and this can be perfect for anyone who loves the water and traveling.


Ram Institute of Hotel Management, Dehradun is one of the best hotel management institutes in India. We offer several short-term and long-term courses in bar tending that entail a theoretical exam, a practical exam and a pouring-accuracy test. The skill-based quality education imparted at Ram Institute of Hotel Management, Dehradun makes it one of the top institutes in Uttarakhand and India.

What does Bar Tending Entail

Bar tending is a highly lucrative and rewarding career. However, it is also an extremely tough job as the hours are long and the work is demanding. It includes creating cocktails and mocktails using alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. At Ram Institute of Hotel Management, our expert faculty not only teaches the basic ensembles to our students, but also encourages them to express their creativity through their own concoctions. This is why RIHM, Dehradun stands out amongst its peers and is known as the top most institute of hotel management in India.

Bartenders are also expected to be guest-oriented and to provide friendly and attentive quality service to their customers. Though the hours are long and the work is demanding, more customer interaction leads to better customer relations and more tips. Successful bartenders make it a point to learn the names and faces of the regulars, which increases customer satisfaction, the ultimate goal of the service industry. These soft-skills are also taught at RIHM, Dehradun making it one of the best hotel management colleges in Uttarakhand and India.

A bar tender not only has to mix, and create cocktails and mocktails, but also has to keep a watch on everything that goes around the bar, from the cleanliness in the bar to getting the stocks like fruits, alcohol, mixers. They also become responsible for promoting the bar and devising a strategy on any special offers like ‘Ladies Night’, free drinks for girls which can increase the bar sales.

Bar Tending as a Male-oriented Profession

Bar tending has mostly been a male dominated profession, with only 6% women in the bar tending profession. However, slowly the taboo of women being associated with alcohol is diminishing. These days, one can not only find female patrons at the bar, but also a woman behind the bar. The main reason why women do not want to be associated with this profession is the odd hours that one has to work. However, to succeed in any field one has to put in the time and effort. Just like bar tending, employees of all major multinational companies work odd hours, women included.

Another reason for women not choosing bar tending as a profession in the past was security concern. These days, most night clubs, pubs and other places serving alcohol have bouncers, and such establishment take the security of their female staff very seriously. These factors have led to a surge of women bar tenders in the recent times and the career has proven to be very lucrative for them.

Courses in Bar tending

There are several courses available in bar tending. While some aspects of a course deal with the actual mixing of spirits, others are based on the basics of bar tending. These include a thorough knowledge of spirits like beer, wine, the mixers, what kind of glass is used for which drink, bar ethics, licensing laws and alcohol awareness. At RIHM, Dehradun, we instill in our students the knowledge required by them to succeed in the real world. This is the reason why  Ram Institute of Hotel Management, Dehradun has the highest placement rate in India.


A bar tending profession does not require a qualification per se, and only requires passion and the zeal to work in such an environment. However, a qualification degree in hotel management is pertinent and favoured if one wants to work in a 5 star hotel or in a high end environment. All the students of Ram Institute of Hotel Management, Dehradun get placed in 5 star hotels making it the best college of hotel management in India. Bar tending however requires interpersonal skills which can only be taught in practise and skill based education which can be provided in hotel management institutes such as RIHM, Dehradun.

Be Your Own Boss

Bar tending does not limit your opportunities in life; rather, it expands them. At Ram Institute of Hotel Management, Dehradun, we teach our students not only the art of bar tending, but also the how to grow in life using this course. With the industry-oriented knowledge and training provided at RIHM, Dehradun, our students can launch their own venture and become an entrepreneur.

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